A Smart Convenience and Global Brand Activation Platform
Digital Out-of-
Home Media
Use DOOH media to seize your customer’s attention with high definition, digital signage. 
Our smart vending machines collect real-time data through artificial intelligence.

BlueBox delivers convenience through an innovative, global brand activation platform.

Whether at work, school or in the community, BlueBox’s smart kiosks connect consumers with brands through engaging advertising. Forbes estimates every dollar spent on OOH advertising, has a $5.97 ROI.

Premium Placements
+ DOOH Media

We select high-traffic locations for each self-service kiosk, optimizing customer convenience and giving brands even more exposure opportunities. The interactive vending machine’s DOOH media capabilities offer high definition, digital signage showcasing sales, new products, events, etc.

full video 1

Full Screen Video

Grab your customer’s attention with eye-catching advertising on a high definition screen.
redbull machine

Machine Wraps

Machine wraps offer maximum exposure for brands and are directly in the consumer’s line of sight.

machine product options 1

Product Screen Options

From gifs to top-screen advertising, our smart vending machines have options to promote every product.


Many traditional vending machines are visually and technologically outdated, some only accepting cash or coins. BlueBox machines offer multiple payment options, high definition screens and customizable wraps. See more here.


Our global activation platform collects real-time data through artificial intelligence. This data is able to show a link between DOOH advertising and the POS.


Machines include gamification, a dynamic interface to help disabled users and the ability to show serving suggestions and usage instructions. See more here.


Each self-service kiosk is linked, allowing customers to find nearby machines and see their product availability.