Our smart kiosks adapt to each customer interaction, making the purchasing process even easier.

Advertising Options

Machines are placed in premium, high-traffic locations that allow brands to maximize exposure while providing customers with convenience and easy access.


This initial introduction allows the advertiser’s brand to be placed in the consumer’s line of sight.

Full Screen Video

Full screen video allows brands to display DOOH advertising from a greater distance. Videos appear in 15 second intervals.

Top Screen Video

Top screen videos are displayed when customers make product selections. It can easily be linked to full screen videos to create a transition between screens.

Tile Activation

The modern vending machine’s product blocks utilize images and animation to highlight the products and show additional information.

Product Suggestion

Our smart kiosks use artificial intelligence to generate recommendations based on a customer’s shopping history and current cart.

Product Samples

Offer customers the option to sample new products or giveaway samples as part of your advertising campaign.

Advertising Data

The brand activation platform collects real-time data through artificial intelligence for advertisers to understand purchasing patterns, as well as track conversions and ROIs.

Total Impressions by Location 

Frequency of Ads by Location 

Sales by SKU and Revenue

Number of Products in Carts and Product Category 

Demographic data of consumers 

Number of Products in Carts and Product Category 

Number of Purchases vs. Cancelled Transactions

AI Driven Product Recommendations