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Advertising Options with BlueBox

What could a $5.97 return per dollar invested in advertising mean to your business? According to a 2017 study conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), this is the average ROI for out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

BlueBox smart vending machines are placed in premium, high-traffic locations to optimize customer convenience and maximize exposure for brands. The interactive kiosk’s digital out-of-home (DOOH) media capabilities connects consumers with brands through engaging advertising through high definition, digital signage showcasing sales, new products, events, etc.

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OOH advertising is simply a traditional outdoor advertisement format, where the audience can view the ad at public places, transportation spots, routes, commercial spaces, etc.

DOOH advertising, on the other hand, is an amalgamation of offline OOH advertising with the addition of digital elements in it. It uses digital screens to deliver content to the people through elevator screens, digital billboards, and television screens.

The difference in both is that in OOH, the ad remains fixed in its place with a single image over some time. Whereas, in DOOH, the advertisement is displayed via digital screens with multiple animated images and stays there for a short time. DOOH advertising can interact with people, making it a more energetic, interactive, and vivacious advertisement source.



Our advertising options allow brands to maximize exposure while providing customers convenient, easy access to products.

kind machine wrap

Machine Wraps

A machines wrap is the most visually striking for a consumer and is a great initial introduction to your brand. This option offers maximum exposure for brands and is directly in the consumer’s line of sight. The wrap can be changed monthly, quarterly or yearly. 

full video advertising option

Full Screen Video

Full screen video gives brands an eye-catching DOOH advertising option on a high definition screen. Videos can be dynamically linked to products within the machine to drive sales and fully utilize the machine as a brand activation platform for your advertising campaign. Ad spots are limited on each machine and videos appear in 15 second intervals.

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Top Screen Video

Top screen videos are on display when customers make product selections and for 2 seconds after each full screen video. It can easily be linked to full screen videos to create a transition between screens. Top screen videos have a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

Tile Activation

The modern vending machine’s product blocks utilize images and animation to highlight the products and show additional information. This can include usage instructions, nutritional information, serving suggestions, product tile gifs and shaking.

Product Suggestion

Product Suggestion

Our smart kiosks use artificial intelligence to generate recommendations based on a customer’s shopping history and current shopping cart.

Product Samples

Offer customers the option to sample new products or giveaway samples as part of your advertising campaign.


BlueBox’s advertising options are modern and interactive! Many traditional vending machines are visually and technologically outdated, some only accepting cash or coins. BlueBox machines offer multiple payment options, high definition screens and customizable wraps. Machines include gamification, a dynamic interface to help disabled users and the ability to show serving suggestions and usage instructions. All of these capabilities help draw consumers to the machine and to your brand’s advertisements.

Advertising Data

Utilizing artificial intelligence, the brand activation platform collects real-time data for advertisers to better understand purchasing patterns, as well as track conversions and ROIs. Some of the data we are able to provide includes:

  • Total impressions by location
  • Demographic data of consumers
  • Number of purchases vs. cancelled transactions
  • AI driven product recommendations

If you are ready to advertise with BlueBox, send us a message today! Contact us via our contact form below to get in touch with our sales and/or development teams.