Unmatched Convenience for All

Like a convenience store, each smart kiosk is always open. This allows customers to avoid lines, look at nutritional information, read usage instructions or pickup a prescription.

Dynamic interface

A dynamic interface helps users of any age or ability navigate and shop on our retail kiosks.

Multiple Payment Options

From traditional payment, cashless options, rewards—our smart kiosks have options for every customer.


Consumers can choose their language and all content, buttons and messages are translated.

Currency Conversion

System settings allow prices to be displayed in many different currencies.

Contactless Shopping

Our smart kiosks offer a totally touchless shopping experience by utilizing QR codes and our wallet application.

Product bundling

Our smart vending machines are able to sell multiple products per transaction.

Other Features

49” Touchscreen

Allows for high definition videos and interactive content.
Real-Time Inventory Levels 

Remote monitoring to manage inventory status at any time. 

Variety of SKUs

Product trays may be customized by item count, product size, design and position within the machine.

Machine Network

Each kiosk is linked allowing consumers to find nearby machines and view product types and stocks.

Age Verification

The kiosk uses multi-national compliant and secure age verification technology to satisfy restrictions and security on age restricted items and prescriptions.

Interactive Product Information

Capability to show serving suggestions, usage instructions and the products inside the package leads to an increase in sales. 

Only Available Products Shown

The machine does not display out-of-stock products on the screen, leading to less user complaints.

Product Promotion
Ability to promote products short on sell by date.